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Our STEM course

Importance of building STEM skill
STEM skill refers to the integrated use of knowledge of science, technology, engineering and Mathematics to solve daily life problems. It is the core skill for success in the world creative technology. In a carefully planned STEM project, students come across a process of product design, computing, programming, production of self-designed parts, electronic circuit design and mostly the application of Internet of Things concept.

In mid of 2017. our school built a STEM workshop which equips industrial standard laser cutters, 3D printers and programmable robotic arms. The Computer Department re-design new programmes for Form Two and Form Three students in 2017-2018. Students in this two-year course will learn essential STEM skills through practicing with these high-tech equipment.
Besides, the Computer Department organizes after-school advanced programming classes to selected student STEM teams to further develop gifted IT students.

Junior form STEM course
Form Two
- 2D/3D Computer graphic design
- Basic operation of laser cutter machine
- Operation of 3D printer
- Basic Arduino circuit design and programming
Form Three
- App Inventor programming
- Advanced Arduino circuit design and programming
- Concept of Internet of Things and its application
School-based Workbook
Form Two Basic Arduino circuit design and programming
Form Two SketchUp 3D graphic design
Form Three App Inventor programming