Daily Quote :
Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation. (Mark 16:15)

Subject Objective

Objective of ICT
The aims of ICT is to provide students with essential knowledge, concepts and applications of latest IT sector, and encourage them to create their future with technology.

We focus on teaching students programming, problem solving with computer, appreciation on latest IT development through tailored activities and practices. The ultimate goal is to provide our students a solid foundation on problem solving skill, creative thinking, research and development skill in the scope of IT.


Junior Form Course Objectives
Form One Teach students the integrated use of office automation software, Chinese input method, and the skill of data processing and presentation of information in order to learn effectively with the help of IT facility in the school.
Form Two Create 2D and 3D computer graphic designs, produce self-design IT products with laser cutters, 3D printers. Develop problem solving skill and creative thinking through STEM project-based training.
Form Three Further development of students' problem solving skill and creative thinking through a series of APP programming and Arduino electronic product design.
Senior Form ICT Course The course aims at provide comprehensive training on important aspects of information, communication and computer technology based on the "Information and Communication Technology Curriculum and Assessment Guide (Secondary 4-6)" issued by EDB of Hong Kong. The course is also a means to develop students' intellectual capacity and lifelong learning skills.