Daily Quote :
Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation. (Mark 16:15)



1.    To provide plans and suggestions related to school-based development.


2.   To help school improve the development by implementing the school-based


3.    To assist the promotion of Knowledge Management in school.

4.     To search and select different education funds and subsidies in order to support
       school development and the needs of students’ growth.


5.    To explore the potential possibilities of the implementation of new education
       philosophies in school.


6.    To facilitate the development of moral and civil education in school.


7.     To nurture students’ positive values and attitude with examples of live issues
       in order to help students learn how to put the positive values in practice.


8.     To promote the sustainable development in school and build up the green
       school environment.


9.     To support students fairly and effectively through the allocation of resources.


10.   To organize elections of Outstanding Student Award in different forms in school,
support and select students to participate in different inter-school elections of
       Outstanding Student Award.


11.   To let students participate in different scholarship ceremonies in and outside


12.   To keep records of all students’ scholarship and subsidy information.