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Professional Development

Our department has been placing great emphasis on teachers’ professional development. To enable English teachers to adopt quality teaching approaches and better meet the needs of students, we collaborate with various external expert support teams and join the following programmes this year:


1. QSIP-CEAL: Enhancement of Assessment Literacy

QSIP-CEAL, commissioned by EDB, aims at tracking students’ learning through comprehensive enhancement of assessment literacy. S3 students will be the targeted group. This programme involves not just English teachers, but the entire teaching staff.


2. SEEDs

The SEEDs Project supported by EDB will be conducted. The theme is ‘Media Literacy’. S2 students will be the targeted group. Mr. H.C. Wong is the project leader whereas S2 subject teachers will also help with the programme.


3. QEF Project

The project aims at empowering students’ effective reading comprehension ability to enhance preparedness for STEM knowledge acquisition. S1 students will be the targeted group. While Ms. C.Y. Liu is responsible for coordinating the project, S1 subject teachers will also be involved in the project.