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Training Requirements

CPD policy for Teachers (EDB circular No.6/2020)

  • Newly-joined Teahers

    Newly-joined teachers are required to complete 30 hours of core training within the first three years of service, and not less than 60 hours of elective training based on individual professional development needs.

  • In-service Teachers

    All serving teachers are required to spare a minimum of 30 hours to take part in the two major categories of professional development programmes/activities, namely “Teachers’ Professional Roles, Values and Conduct” and “Local, National and International Education Issues” in each three-year cycle, with the time spent on each category being not less than 6 hours.

  • Promotion of Teachers

    The Core Part comprises 30 hours of designated training programmes provided by the EDB. For the Elective Part, teachers should undertake 60 hours (for promotion to SGM) or 100 hours (for promotion to PGM) of suitable training programmes according to the professional expertise required for respective promotion posts.