Daily Quote :
God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in spirit and in truth. (John 4:24)

Year plan

2017-2018 major concerns 

1.1 As Cantonese is the media of teaching. Students may adapt the daily usage of language during their lessons, also facilitating teaching.


1.2 We aim to facilitate the sharing of subject tasks and co-operative sprits in our teaching team.


1.3 We aim to be a reponsible, concientious teaching team. Senior team members should provide more guidience to students as well as other team members.


1.4 Teachers should provide suitable instruction to students as well as comments on weak points of students.


1.5 We started reviewing our curriculum since 2000. We hope to organise different pieces in to theme based teaching units. Most of our team members are capable to design teaching units, as well as implementing school based features into the curriculum. We hope to bring forth new ideas and innovative teaching methods into our curriculum planning.


1.6 Government susidies on hiring extra teaching staff and assitants is fudemental on facilitate teach and learn, provide extension activities and assessment for students.


1.7 To foster the habits of reading, we collarborate with the school library to launch ‘extensive reading scheme’, ‘book sharing session at lunch’, ‘online reading scheme’ and ‘book appreciation’ in morning assemblies. These activities is making great success among students.


1.8 We encourage students with great potential in learning Chinese to participate in inter-school writing competitions, also taking part in writing activities across different forms. We publish students good works as an encouragement to elite studnets.


Looking forward to the future, our teaching team will continue to exhibits their best quality, including: full of experience, passionate in teaching, deep understanding on curriculum planing, co-operative and willing to share subject tasks. Base on these advatages, we will:

1. appoint a junior form co-ordinator to facilitate subject development.

2. Utilise Chinese society as a platform to facilitate learning of Chinese outside the classroom, and to make learning more fun.

3. Collaborate with educational organisations and other schools to encourage co-operative learning. As well as widen the horizon of students.