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Curriculum Objectives

Curriculum Objectives


(a)    經濟學術語和概念,及基本的經濟學理論;

(b)    個人和社會所面對的基本經濟問題,及處理有關問題的不同方法;

(c)    影響個人、廠商、機構和政府決定的潛在考慮因素和原因;

(d)    不同經濟界別的相互影響;

(e)    香港的經濟及其與內地和世界其他經濟體系的關係。


(a)    理解以文字、數字或圖表表達的經濟資訊;

(b)    將經濟學知識應用在不同經濟情境中的問題和議題上;

(c)    運用經濟學概念和理論分析資料;

(d)    從經濟學的不同觀點對各種資料、論點、建議和政策作有識見的評價和判斷;

(e)    以清楚、合邏輯和合適的形式,就有關經濟的意念和有識見的判斷與人進行交流。


(a)    成為有識見的人,能參與經濟議題的討論和決策;

(b)    成為積極和負責任的公民,能為社會、國家及世界謀福祉。

Knowledge and understanding

(a)    economic terminology and concepts, as well as elementary economic theories;

(b)    basic economic problems faced by every individual and society, and alternative approaches to tackling these problems;

(c)    the considerations and forces underlying the economic decisions that need to be taken by individuals, firms, institutions and governments;

(d)    the interactions of different economic sectors; and

(e)    the Hong Kong economy and its relationship with the economies of other parts of the nation and the world.


(a)    interpret economic information presented in verbal, numerical or graphical form;

(b)    apply their economic knowledge to a variety of problems and issues in a range of economic contexts;

(c)    analyse information through the use of economic concepts and theories;

(d)    evaluate information, arguments, proposals and policies from different economic perspectives and make informed judgements; and

(e)    communicate economic ideas and informed judgements, in a clear, logical and appropriate form.

Values and attitudes

(a)    participate as informed persons in the discussion of economic issues and decision- making; and

(b)    become active and responsible citizens and contribute to the well-being of the local community, the nation and the world.