Daily Quote :
Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. (Romans 12:12)

Year Plan

1 To enhance students' self-awareness and development: To comprehensively review and reflect on learning experience and to strengthen the comprehensive understanding of achievements, temperament, career orientation, ability and individual / vocation aspirations.

2 Promote student career and life planning and management: Make a study or career goal.

3 Assisting students in undertaking career exploration: understanding the employment world and related learning opportunities. Conducting further studies programmes for students and parents, including arranging visits to industrial / commercial / academic institutions and lectures on further studies and employment.

4 Arranging activities such as volunteer service and work-related activities, and giving students advice and assisting in building appropriate work / reflection skills.

5 Conducting surveys on the needs and difficulties of the career development of the graduates and arranging activities based on the findings of the survey results.

6 Providing students with personal / group counseling: Help students understand their aspirations, abilities and needs, so as to plan their own way of study or employment.; Help students master basic work and life skills, such as interview skills, communication skills, decision skills and social skills, and as soon as possible to build up correct attitude of the students.

7 Strengthening the skills and confidence of teachers in the areas of further studies and employment: Through a systematic teacher development and resource sharing platform.

8 Collecting and providing information on further studies and employment, including opportunities for further studies or vocational training, vacancies and entry requirements of jobs.

9 Assisting students to further study or apply for job and reminding them of the pitfalls they may encounter. Reminding graduates and young students to pay attention to work safety in work.

10 Assist alumni affairs.