Year Plan

1. Enhance learning motivation
Enhance the course with STEM training elements including 2D & 3D computer graphic design, APP programming, Arduino electronic product design and Internet of Things fundation and application. Activities are majorly designed to handling real world problems, so as to enhance students' learning motivation. 

2. Encouraging self-directed learning
We develop a series of "flipped classroom teaching videos" and integrated into the whole course of the junior ICT course. Students can learn and revise the course material at their own paces at home with these  flipped videos and the school-based workbook.

3. Developing the sprite of R&D
Design and integrate a real-life project assessment in each form. Students are encouraged to apply the IT knowledge learned in the course to solve the problems and complete their projects.

4. Enhance examination performance 
Provide more practical activities to  students to get better understanding on the various IT topics and the interconnections between them. Provide extra training on answering open-ended questions and scenario questions in public examination.