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Financial assistance schemes administered by the Student Finance Office (SFO) for needy primary and secondary students:

The Student Finance Office (SFO) administers the following financial assistance schemes for needy primary and secondary students:

        1.     The School Textbook Assistance (TA) Scheme

        2.     The Student Travel Subsidy (STS) Scheme

        3.     The Subsidy Scheme for Internet Access Charges (SIA) 


A.      Overviews

        1.     The School Textbook Assistance (TA) Scheme provides assistance to needy Primary 1 to Senior Secondary 3 / Secondary 6 students in government, aided, per caput grant schools and local schools under the Direct Subsidy Scheme for covering the costs of essential textbooks and miscellaneous school-related expenses.

        2.     The Student Travel Subsidy (STS) Scheme provides travel subsidy to needy students receiving formal primary, secondary education or attending a full-time day course up to first degree level in an acceptable institution, residing beyond 10 minutes walking distance from school and travelling to school by public transport. 

        3.     The Subsidy Scheme for Internet Access Charges (SIA) provides subsidy to needy families whose children are full-time students receiving education at primary or secondary level, or full-time students pursuing Diploma Yi Jin (DYJ) (known as Yi Jin Diploma (YJD) before 2016) programmes or equivalent courses of the Vocational Training Council (VTC) to meet the internet access charges for e-learning at home for their children (for example, the charges on broadband Internet service or SIM cards provided by operators of fixed or mobile telecommunications services). The subsidy is granted on a household basis. Eligible families will receive a family-based flat-rate cash grant, regardless of the number of children in the family.


B.     A student-applicant must:

        1.     be an unmarried Hong Kong Resident;

        2.     have the right of abode, right to land or valid permission to remain without any condition of stay (other than the limit of stay) in Hong Kong; and

        3.     attend a school belonging to one of the categories of schools as stipulated in the individual financial assistance schemes.


C.     Remarks: 
Students holding visitor visas, two-way exit permits, student visas only or who are dependents of student-visa / visitor-visa holders are not eligible to apply for student financial assistance.


D.     Useful websites:   (The Student Finance Office (SFO))