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He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free. (Luke 4:18)
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Basic Direction

NSS (F4 to F5)

1. In the process of learning physics lead to interest, driving force and sense of accomplishment;

2. Cultivate knowledge and understanding of research physics, such as understanding of physical phenomena, facts and laws, principles, concepts, laws, theories and models, and learning physics vocabulary, terms and rules;

3. Develop various skills and processes related to the study of physics, such as scientific thinking, scientific inquiry, problem solving, experimental operation, data processing, communication and collaboration and self-learning;

4. With the study of physics, to cultivate the physical values, and the positive values ​​and attitudes towards people;

5. Understand the basic principles and concepts of physics, and research methods;

6. The close relationship between cognitive physics and everyday life;

7. Cultivate the appreciation of the physical world and the ancient and modern development of physics;

8. In the field of physics, to prepare for continuing education and work, and to understand the role of physics in science, engineering and technology.