English Musical Drama (5/2019)


 Learning English can be interesting and exciting. The English Department presents a musical performance each year to enhance our students' ability to use English in different situations. Our students can also learn about acting and leadership skills.

English Week (11/2018)


English Day Camp (2/2019)


In order to boost students’ confidence and widen their exposure to English, our school hosts a speaking activity called ‘English Day Camp’ annually.  


Budding Public Speakers Showcase (2/2019) 
The objectives of this activity are to improve students' overall English proficiency and develop their speaking skills in English. 

LSS Students will practise with pupils from other secondary schools. This activity can enhance students' persuasive speaking, information technology, and critical thinking skills, as well as increase their world knowledge and develop self-confidence.

Stream One – Secondary 1 to Secondary 3

1A (22) Ting Chun Shing

The most creative award

2A (24) So Kit Chin


3C (22) Limbu Nurom Janifor

The most confident

Stream Two – Secondary 4

4A (10) Gurung Manish

The best argument

4A (10) Gurung Manish

The best attention getter




Sharing Activities (Whole Year)