Class resumption on 21/11 (Thursday) and postponement of AFS International Cultural Festival

Date: 20/11/2019

Our school classes will officially resume on 21/11 (Thursday). Since some roads and transportation have not been completely restored, or diversion of traffic may apply,  the Education Bureau (EDB) reminded students and parents to plan their journey in advance and pay attention to traffic news and relevant announcements before leaving home tomorrow morning. Our school will adopt contingency measures according to school-based mechanisms and exercise flexibility in dealing with individual students' lateness or absence due to traffic problems.

“AFS International Cultural Festival” originally scheduled on 23/11/2019 (Saturday) will be postponed by the organiser because of the traffic and safety concerns. Please be reminded that registered students and helpers do not need to return to school on that day as a result.

For enquiries, please feel free to contact Vice Principal Ng on 27802291.