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Liberal Studies Classroom


Action learning

  • Select specific topics and design classroom teaching plans.
  • Assess students' learning ability and learning difficulties.
  • Encourage students to actively participate in class activities and class discussions.
  • Improve students' ability of analysis and induction.
  •  Conduct class feedback and review.


  • Reverse the classroom plan and use different media (Eg. video) to assist students in learning.
  • In the limited class hours, reduce hard knowledge and arrange more class hours for discussion and cooperative learning.
  •  Establish students' self-learning habits, do a good job of  Preview Question (PQ), classroom learning sharing and Reflection Question  (RQ).


  • Encourage students to collect information through the Internet, including videos, news reports, etc.
  • Allow students to use online learning platforms to conduct pre-class preview, class sharing and after-class reflection, and cultivate students' active learning attitude.